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Smart  clinic  is  one  stop  place  for management  of   all types  of  sports  injuries and  their  rehabilitation,  along  with  a comprehensive  orthopaedic  management  programme.  This    clinic   offers   services   to  athletes   ,  professionals   and   the  common  man.  It  is  a specialised  center  offering  minimally invasive  treatment   (Arthroscopic-key hole  surgery) for all  joint  related  problems and   joint  replacement  solutions  for  the  geriatric  group.   We  are  a  dedicated  team  of  well  trained  health  professionals  attached  to  some  of  the  best  hospitals  in  trivandrum   catering  to  clients  with  the  best  possible  solutions.

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Our new website has been inaugurated on 2nd July 2012. Please visit www.smartclinic.com.


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a band of
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Total Knee Treatment

Total Knee Treatment is available in Smart Clinic
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The glenohumeral joint of the shoulder is the most commonly
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PCL is the primary restraint to posterior drawer and secondary
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